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Hi Tech Appliances

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In today’s world, technology is everywhere. We see it in our cars, we see it in our gadgets, and now even see it in our homes with a range of hi tech appliances. Smart home devices, make life much easier, when it comes to conserving energy, and even doing house chores.
Take the smart home appliances  what example. You can now purchase a refrigerator with the touch screen television on the door. This can serve as a general family notetaking area for organization. Or also to peek inside your refrigerator without even opening the door. Cameras are mounted inside your refrigerator.  With a few taps of the screen you can view inside to see what you need from the grocery store.  Once you arrive at the grocery store, you may remember something else that you’re not quite sure that you have in the fridge.  Good thing that refrigerator has a smart phone app, simply open the app and view inside your refrigerator from the grocery I’ll using your smart phone.

Smart Washers & Dryers

 What about laundry?  Did you know that now there exists, even smart washers and smart dryers.  You may ask why what I need to control my washer and dryer from my smart phone.  Well many of these models are made to be stacked. One on top of the other, the wash machine on the bottom, the dryer sits on top. If you’re shorter than 5 foot seven, it makes it incredibly difficult to push the buttons or even see the controls of the dryer mounted above. Grab that extra iPad or tablet that you don’t use anymore, mounted to the wall of your laundry area, and now you can control both washer and dryer from the smart phone app which is connected to your washer and dryer.

Smart Water Heaters

 It doesn’t stop there. The appliance in your home that uses the greatest amount of electricity, is your water heater. There are now  technologically advanced water heaters.  So you go on vacation, the last thing you’re going to worry about is opening that access panel to the water heater and cranking the heater down to somewhere closer to room temperature. So your water heater doesn’t heat water for no one to use. Well, when you’re sitting in line at the airport waiting for that plane to land, so you can board and be on your way, use your smart phone, connect to your water heater, and decrease the temperature settings so as not to waste electricity. Now you’ve got more money to spend on vacation.