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Trash Compactor Features

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Trash compactors are a great addition to your home for your waste management needs. They offer a simplistic way of reducing the amount of garbage in your household and the frequent transportation costs. It also eventually does the environment some good by lowering the space used in landfills.

The models come in various sizes, colors and materials to blend in with your kitchen décor. They are very convenient requiring little maintenance. If you would like an environmentally friendly option, use biodegradable bags in your compactor.

The three types of trash compactors available in the market today include;

  • Under-the-counter compactors

These are installed between cabinets and lack finished tops. For flush console looks, trim kits are available. Don’t forget to include the trim kits’ measurements during installation.

  • Convertible compactors

They are installed as either freestanding or under-the-counter compactors.

  • Freestanding compactors

These have fitted tops that provide extra space as working areas. Take extra caution not to place anything fragile on the compactor.

Features in Trash Compactors

  • Tilt sensors
  • Anti-jam sensors
  • On/off start control keys
  • Insulation against noise
  • Foot capacity: 1.4 cubic
  • Compacting ram force of 2000, 2300, or 5000 lbs
  • Key knob controls that can be removed to avoid accidents
  • Trash baskets that tilt away for easier removal
  • Front panels that can be reversed to match your kitchen’s decor
  • Odor absorption features such as charcoal filters or in-built air freshener

Trash Compactor Size

The exact measurements of the height, weight, and depth will, of course, vary for each compactor. The available space in your kitchen should match with the compactor you choose. Their height averages between 34 1/8 to 35”, weight from 12” to about 15” while the depth is 24 to 24 ¼”.

How to Care for Trash Compactors

  • Before you start, unplug your compactor
  • Remove the bin and follow the instructions given
  • Vacuum to remove any loose dirt
  • Clean the outside and the inside using some warm water and detergent
  • Rinse the compactor
  • Put a new bin in place
  • Regularly check the charcoal filter

Safety Precautions for Trash Compactors

  • Do not put glass or aerosol cans inside.
  • Keep away from children or buy one with child lock features.
  • Safety features are present in some which prevent compaction when the door is open.
  • Do not put inflammable or explosive chemicals inside
  • Remove the trash before filling capacity (abt 40-50 lbs)