Top 10 Tips for Ultimate Grilling

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Grilling – is it just a Man Thing?

It’s always great to throw a barbecue party for your friends and family, but the hard part is making the perfect grilled food for them. Since grilling is quite difficult to master, we have prepared 10 helpful tips to make sure your loved ones will keep coming back for more of your grilling endeavors.

1. Make sure you have a clean grill

A filthy grill usually has chard remains which can stick to your food giving it a bitter and unpleasant taste. Hence, regular cleaning is imperative if you want to achieve that flavourful and juicy grilled meat or burger. One way to properly care for your grates is to coat them with vegetable oil to help repel moisture and avoid rusting. The oil also prevents food from sticking in the future.

2. Choose your charcoal wisely

If you are using a charcoal grill model, then choosing the right charcoal might be something you need to know because it is a big contributing factor to how your food would taste.

There are different kinds of wood that you can use for grilling and each type of wood is perfect for a particular food. For instance, hickory and oak tree are perfect for pork meat and fish. On the other hand, if you want your meat to be slightly sweeter, you can use apple wood and cherry since their components add sweetness to the food. But if you are looking for a versatile wood that is perfect for almost everything, use lump wood charcoal, which according to a famous barbecuist named DJ BBQ, gives the best flavour.

3. Wait for the perfect timing to grill

Timing is a very important factor in grilling. Having said, it takes focus and patience to know the perfect moment to grill. Wait for the coals to turn white or grey because that is when it has the most even and hottest heat.

4. Get the right grilling tools

No matter how skilful you are in grilling, without the right tools, you won’t be able to make that perfect grilled burger or sausage. Here is a checklist of the essential grilling tools you must have.

First is a good grill. There are two model types: propane or charcoal. Go for the one that fits your needs better. Other must-haves include a chimney starter, grill baskets, tongs, spatula, basting brush, grill brush, paper towels, aluminum foil, and an oven glove.

5. Homemade burgers are always better

While there are several burger patties available on the market, homemade burgers are always better and healthier since you can choose the quality of meat and you are sure there are no unnecessary preservatives added.

Homemade burgers are easy to make but for a start you need to source out good quality of minced flank or chuck of beef. The recommended meat to fat ratio is 80/20 percent. Any less will make your burger dry, and any more will be too greasy. According to New York Chef Brad Farmerie, grain-fed beef is a great choice for burger since it has a creamier and richer taste and can also withstand overcooking.

6. Take time finding the best steak

One of the most important things to consider when cooking steak is the beef cut. Generally, the best cuts of beef to be used in cooking steak come from the short loin, rib, or tenderloin primal cuts. Some of its examples are the strip steak which is from the short loin, the porterhouse and T-Bone steaks that come from either the short loin or tenderloin, and the rib eye steak which is the rib primal cut.

So, the next time you shop at the supermarket to buy beef cut for your steak choose the one that has the word rib or loin or strip in its name. Additionally, if you know a local butcher nearby, source your beef from him and tell him to give you the parts that were mentioned earlier.

7. Learn the art of marinating

Marinating gives flavor to food and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with the basics such as acidic ingredients which include lemon juice or vinegar. Then we also have olive oil, and a whole bunch of good spices and flavours. Be sure to check the ratio of the acidity to the oil; a good ratio would be 1:3 respectively.

Also, do not over marinate. The ideal time to soak your food is 30 minutes to 2 hours. If you overdo it, the food tends to become too soft resulting in a mushy texture. Stick to this rule: the smaller the meat size, the shorter the marinade process.

8. Know when to baste the sauce

Sauce takes a big role in the taste of your barbecue or steak. Hence, knowing when to baste the sauce is crucial. You can’t sauce your food too early especially if your sauce contains sugar or any sweetened ingredient. The sugar element in the sauce burns faster which might contribute to a bitter taste in the food. If you apply the sauce too late then you are not giving the meat enough time to absorb the flavours.

The best time to baste the sauce is about 10 minutes before the meat is done. This is to give the sauce enough heat to caramelize for better absorption of the meat, but also to ensure it does not reach the burning stage.

9.  Let the meat rest

To achieve that perfectly cooked but not burnt and juicy meat give it time to rest after removing it from the grill. The process of letting it sit gives the juices time to be distributed all over the meat.

While doing this, do not cover your food since that can give a steaming effect making the surface of the meat soggy.

10. Grill fruit and vegetables to enhance the taste and appearance of the food

Fruits and vegetables are great additions to your grilled food. They are not only healthy; they perfectly complement the taste of the grilled food. In addition they are healthy and also add to the aesthetic quality of the food presentation. Grilling is perfect for any occasion whether you are with friends or family or both. Being a pit master takes time and patience but with these helpful tips, you are one step closer to being a grill master! If you want more tips like this and lots of recipes, check out this guy that goes around the country cooking with dads. Very cool.

Four Common Cooking Mistakes Men Make in the Kitchen

Bad cooking habits practiced or rather entertained by even the most experienced and seasoned of chefs can affect the quality and taste of food. A simple mistake like forgetting to season the food can easily lead to a disappointing meal. Being able to prepare a meal has become a fundamental skill that every man needs today. Unlike decades ago, men are embracing the art and skill of cooking. In doing so, many are making simple mistakes that dramatically affect the food. There’s always something you can learn when it comes to cooking, whether or not you’re a pro in the kitchen. Here are four cooking mistakes you could be making in the kitchen.

Not Following a Recipe

Before hitting the road for that weekend road trip you take your time to look at a map so you can identify the best routes to follow. You want to have a successful trip. The same applies when it comes to cooking. A common mistake men make when cooking is failure to follow a recipe or rather overlooking some crucial details in the recipe. The recipe before you serves as a map and it’s important that you take some time to focus on the details in it before getting started with anything. Always look for action verbs such as whip, chop, add, strain, etc. Your recipe is supposed to not only help you create your desired meal but teach you how to combine flavors and textures in proper proportions.

Not Measuring Accurately

You could be hungry and want to prepare that meal in the shortest time possible but that isn’t a reason to eyeball ingredient amounts when baking. Being in the kitchen often requires patience. It’s important that you follow the recipe as outlined including using the correct quantities of ingredients. Be sure to measure everything accurately.

Not Being Prepared

Lack of preparation is a common cooking mistake in men and women alike. The amount of time needed for prep is always worth it. Before starting anything take time to prep all your ingredients. Whether it’s peeling the cucumbers, chopping the onions, or measuring the olive oil, get each ingredient you’ll need from the fridge or kitchen cabinet. The idea is to get everything needed in place before you start cooking. Cooking becomes easier after you’ve prepped all your ingredients. Furthermore, it gives you more control over the entire cooking process. Therefore, put everything in place first.

Not Having the Right Kitchen Equipment

The equipment you use will most likely affect your cooking experience. Having the right cooking equipment is extremely important. It’s not about having a battery of cooking pans and pots and other costly kitchen equipment. The idea is to have versatile, high-quality kitchen equipment. This includes critical equipment such as a set of good, sharp knives; large chopping boards, garlic press, cheese slicer, nutcracker, a set of whisks, a mandolin, spatulas, ladle, potato masher, vegetable peeler, and more. Be sure to handle your kitchen equipment properly so they can serve you best.