New Vs. Used Appliances

In today’s economy, finding ways to cut down on daily costs has become the norm. With food and gas prices shooting up by the day, the ordinary citizen is being forced to make some difficult and conflicting decisions; more so when a daily-use appliance breaks down. One will often wonder whether to buy a new or a used appliance. This depends on a number of factors which our friends at Maryland Used Appliances have helped us with.

New AppliancesMaryland Used Appliances

Before arriving at a conclusion on which appliance to buy, consider devices that require maintenance. It is recommended to purchase new refrigerators and gas cooktops as they need a higher level of maintenance. This is especially since it’s difficult to know the device’s repair history and full usage.

Other devices that should be bought new are those that need significant amounts of energy. Furnaces, hot water heaters, and air conditioners are some examples.

Advantages of New Appliances

  • Longer warranty period of up to 5 years
  • Latest technological features/innovations on the product
  • Reduced risk of breakdown

Disadvantages of New Appliances

  • High cost of the appliance
  • Rapid depreciation of the price of the appliance
  • Servicing under the manufacturer’s warranty may take a long time

Refurbished Appliances

This refers to appliances that have undergone a series of tests and repairs to operate as good as new. If the appliance has a motor, it is usually replaced with gaskets and seals. This is because it is one of the main components that contribute to the machine breaking down; it receives the most wear and tear. Once all the repairs and adjustments have been made, it is sold as reconditioned or refurbished at a much lesser price than the original.

Sometimes the appliances aren’t necessarily used but are sold at discounted prices because of being on display. Sometimes home appliances are sold not because of defects, but reasons such as moving house, house remodeling, etc. Other times, the appliances are rejects from manufacturers because of minute details like size, small dents, etc. It is very likely that you get an appliance that appears new and in perfect condition. Refurbished items are an excellent way to save some bucks.

Advantages of Refurbished Appliances

  • Discounted price
  • Recognized brand at a much cheaper price
  • Good working condition

Disadvantages of Refurbished Appliances

  • Visible dents or marks on the outside
  • Shorter warranties for the devices
  • Limited warranties for some parts of the devices
  • Increased risk of breakdown

Do your research thoroughly depending on the appliance you want to purchase. Weigh the pros and cons of both new and used appliances and see which decision suits your needs and your budget.