Washer and Dryer Features

Washers and dryers have come a long way which has ultimately made laundry easier to manage. There are constant upgrades to increase functionality, and this has improved their reliability today.  PG Used Appliances (http://www.pgusedappliances.com/) has seen a lot of changes and improvements over the years and gave us the following information.

Washer Features

  1. Remove allergensWasher and Drayer

Washers with steam or heaters can eliminate dust, mites, pet stains and all allergens present in the laundry.

  1. Large capacity washers

These washers can hold more in a single load. It saves the user a lot of time.

  1. Temperature control

Some washers have automatic temperature controls that regulate the hot and cold water to the appropriate temperature required for the wash cycle.

  1. Dispensers

Automatic dispensers are found in some washers which release the detergent, bleach, powder, fabric softener, etc., at the right time without splattering. They have unique reservoirs for holding these laundry products.

  1. Extra cycles

For those who are allergic to detergent residues, you might want to consider acquiring one with an extra rinse cycle for efficient rinsing,

  1. Noise reduction

Vibration reduction usually indicates washers with a sound-dampening material. Some have also done away with the noise completely for quiet operations.

  1. Delay wash

You can program some washers to take care of your load as you sleep or even when you step out.

  1. Steam cleaning technology

These washers use advanced steam technology that removes the need to pre-treat stains. Some have oxygen cleaners released during the cycle to brighten the clothes naturally.

Dryer Features

  1. Recycle clothes

Dryers that use steam technology enable you to straighten out your clothes and remove any odors eliminating the need for a rewash.

  1. Retain quality

The dryers can preserve your clothes’ quality and shape extending their lifespan.

  1. Moisture sensors

These sensors detect the amount of moisture present in the laundry and turn off the dryer when necessary. Unlike thermostats, they work better on fabrics and are economical for your utility bills.

  1. Fast drying time

Advanced dryers now have large blowers from express cycles that significantly reduce drying time

  1. Eco-friendliness

Other dryers have eco sensors which monitor the level of energy to enhance efficiency while reducing the negative impact on the environment.